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Steps to take to prepare for Drug Detox

Drug Detox

Detox is the first step on a journey to healing from drug and alcohol addiction. If you’re reading this blog, you have become aware of the importance of detox and the need for it in your life or that of a loved one. For many during this stage, the idea of drug detox can be a scary one. However, detox doesn’t have to be scary. And, planning for it by researching what to expect and how to prepare for this process can help ease some nerves. This way, you can walk into detox with the confidence you’ll need to tackle this stage of treatment.

The Importance of Preparing for Detox

Arguably, detox is a challenging stage of treatment. Basically, detox is when a person stops using their addictive substance of choice and waits for the substance to leave the body. However, because addiction develops by way of chemically changing brain components, the body reacts adversely without the presence of the substance it’s addicted to. This is known as withdrawal. Unfortunately, withdrawal symptoms can be agitating, uncomfortable, and even debilitating.

Because experiencing withdrawal isn’t necessarily easy, many people don’t make it past the detox stage of treatment. And, never get the help they need to live out a life in recovery. So, preparing for the detox process and choosing a detox that will meet your needs during withdrawal is important for overall treatment success.

Remain Positive Before Detox

If you go into detox thinking that nothing is going to work out and that you’ll have a horrible experience, you’re more likely to have a rough time. But, if you keep an open mind and remain positive, you’re much more likely to have a positive experience. Our minds play a big part in our everyday successes and failures. So, remember to feed your mind with positive thoughts about detox to set yourself up for recovery success.

Prepare for the Financial Expenses of Detox

Fortunately, most detox facilities and even residential treatment centers accept insurance. So, make sure you speak with your insurance provider before choosing a facility. If you don’t have insurance, make sure you’re aware of the financial expenses required to begin detox. This way, you’ll know what to expect as far as payment goes. And, there won’t be any unwanted, aggravating financial surprises while you’re trying to concentrate on detoxing.

Ask All the Questions You Have

Before even choosing a detox facility, you’ll need to be sure you’re making the right decision. To do this, you’ll need to find out that the facility you’re considering can meet your individual needs. There are many types of facilities and detox approaches, so you’ll need to first discover their programs by asking questions. Furthermore, if you have any specific requirements for a detox facility, you’ll need to ask about these specifications before committing to a detox center. Before searching, it’s a good idea to write down any of the questions you may have about detox so you can ask the facilities you consider when the time comes.

Searching for Detox with Your Needs in Mind

If you’re looking for a detox center that allows you to detox while allowing you to continue to live your life, we can help. Here at Diablo Valley Drug & Alcohol Services, we offer ambulatory detox. This means that individuals can go through detox on an outpatient basis while continuing with work, school, and/or home obligations. Furthermore, we provide medications which help to reduce the severity of agitating withdrawal symptoms and cravings throughout detox. This way, individuals have a better chance of finishing detox and moving on to the next phase of treatment.

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