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Our Approach to Drug Abuse Treatment Services

Diablo Valley is dedicated to providing a loving and caring environment where the disease of addiction is treated without judgment. We believe that by providing the best possible medical support and most current drug abuse treatment services, we can enhance our clients’ ability to recover from their addiction.

In keeping with this approach, at Diablo Valley Drug and Alcohol Services, we offer a range of addiction treatment services to clients based upon what will most benefit them in their recovery. We believe that detoxification should be safe and as comfortable as possible. That’s why we use detox medications in assisting our patients, including buprenorphine when appropriate. Medication replacement is often a viable option for many of our patients, so we have on-staff a physician who is certified to prescribe buprenorphine for patients who can benefit from medication replacement therapy.

Our detox process was also one of the first in the country to include naltrexone compressed opiate detoxification (NCOD) for patients for whom traditional drug abuse treatment has failed in the past. This method of detox is rapid and compressed, and can only be administered by experienced professionals. We offer it at Diablo because it allows for a full detox in a shorter span of time that reduces patient discomfort and allows for a greater chance at recovery by reducing the duration of the withdrawal process. We offer this service because we believe that addiction is a treatable disease and that prior relapses do not mean that any individual is incapable of recovering. Because we believe that everyone deserves a chance at solid recovery from substance addiction, we offer a variety of individualized medical options based upon what each client will most benefit from.

In addition to detox services, we offer therapy and clinical care in order to provide our patients with the support they need to achieve long-term recovery from addiction and alcoholism. Addiction is a disease that impacts mental and emotional health, family relationships, and social function, and in order to provide patients with holistic recovery, these aspects must be addressed by a treatment facility. That’s why we offer family, group, and individual therapy as well as aftercare treatment services for all patients. Our aftercare services have no time limit because we believe that recovery is a lifelong process and that individuals should have access to support services for as long as they need them.

All of our addiction treatment services are offered on an outpatient basis because we value our clients’ ability to stay connected to their families, friends, work, and schooling while they seek help. We feel that offering high-quality drug abuse treatment that allows clients to maintain their daily routine and connection to their support networks is the best method for helping them heal in a holistic manner that carried over into their regular lives.

Medical Approach to Addiction

Our method of treating addiction is based on the newest research in addiction management. The program at Diablo Valley Drug and Alcohol Services combines addiction treatment medications with intensive therapy to help patients break their addictions and maintain healthy lifestyles. We adhere to research that shows that addiction is a disease, and believe that unfortunately, society and even addiction treatment services too often abandon this research in favor of unsupported, unscientific methods of care. Because we understand that addiction is a progressive disease that impacts sufferers both mentally and physically, we apply evidence-based, medical approaches toward its treatment. This includes the use of innovative and groundbreaking detox methods such as naltrexone compressed opiate detoxification (NCOD), buprenorphine management, and medically-facilitated withdrawal.

At Diablo Valley Drug and Alcohol Services, addiction is treated as a medical disorder so that appropriate medication can be used to safely and comfortably detox our clients over a period of time that is most beneficial for their long-term recovery. Each individual patient is different, and we use medication regimens that are developed to aid each individual’s unique process. In combination with medicine, we apply clinical therapy and holistic treatments that are designed to aid the detox process and promote healing in our patients. Too often, the medical and physical needs of clients are neglected in favor of treating their emotional and mental needs.

At Diablo, we feel that true freedom from addiction can come only from the synthesis of the two methods. That’s why we provide our patients with quality, long-term, clinical therapeutic care alongside medical management of detox symptoms and mental health conditions. Through a medical approach to the disease of addiction, we are able to help patients put their illness into remission.

Focus on Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a real and significant obstacle to sobriety for many individuals who suffer from addiction and alcoholism. In countless cases, patients who enter chronic pain management end up dependent upon their prescription opiate medications. Upon seeking treatment for drug abuse, these individuals often find that their pain is not managed effectively or taken seriously by addiction treatment professionals. In many other cases, patients self-medicate chronic pain through alcohol or drugs. When these individuals want to be free of their addiction, professionals may help them get sober but neglect to treat one of the underlying causes of their drug abuse and addiction: chronic pain. This is not the case at Diablo Valley.

We are committed to helping our patients not only recover from addiction but effectively manage pain so that they don’t relapse into using or drinking and so that they can fully enjoy their newfound sobriety. We believe that chronic pain must be treated alongside addiction in order to provide our clients with the best foundation for recovery and physical and emotional health. We also know that pain management can be done safely, without the use of addictive or narcotic substances that can diminish patients’ quality of life. At Diablo, our pain management experts help chronic pain suffers effectively manage their pain while leading addiction-free lives.

Pain management at Diablo is approached similarly to the way we approach addiction: comprehensively and from multiple angles. Chronic pain management patients at our facility are treated with non-narcotic pain medications to effectively combat daily discomfort and pain in a safe manner. Our services go far beyond medication, however. In addition to medication management, we also provide outpatient procedures that can provide relief from pain by targeting the nervous system. This includes epidurals, joint injections (usually of anti-inflammatory drugs) nerve block injections or medications, and spinal cord stimulation. All of these services are performed by experienced physicians who are dedicated to using safe interventions to reduce and prevent pain in clients.

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