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A Medical Approach to Addiction Treatment

Diablo Valley Drug and Alcohol Services understands that detoxing from drugs or alcohol can be uncomfortable, which is why we offer medical treatments for our patients experiencing withdrawal symptoms. This medical detox experience provides a more relaxing option for patients during this stage of treatment. Additionally, for patients who have not had success with a medication replacement therapy program in the past or who have relapsed previously, we offer naltrexone compressed opiate detoxification (NCOD). This provides individuals who may not have had success with previous detoxes have more chance to succeed in recovery. After detox, our staff physician can also prescribe buprenorphine, which is a treatment proven through evidence-based research to help those addicted to opiates in drug addiction treatment. Overall, providing our patients with medical options along with other aspects of drug and alcohol addiction treatment allows them to have a complex and multifaceted approach to confronting addiction.

A Completely Outpatient Approach to Addiction Treatment

All of our treatment programs are offered as outpatient rehabilitation services. This means that medical, psychological, and clinical services are all offered at our facility, but our patients do not reside with us. This allows for patients to begin or continue their addiction treatment while also maintaining a career, going to school, or caring for family responsibilities. Although our services are provided on campus, we do offer a concierge service that allows our physician to make house calls to patients who require them.

Our Staff has the Experience you Need

Our team of therapists are specialists in providing effective alcohol and addiction treatment for individuals with concurring mental illness and addiction. Additionally, our physician and team of specialists are experienced in providing treatment services for patients affected by chronic pain. Whatever your addiction or concurring disorder keeping your from attaining successful recovery, our team of chemical dependency specialists has the experience and knowledge to help you specifically.

Payment Made Easy

The addiction treatment services at Diablo Valley Drug and Alcohol Services are covered by most insurance plans. To find out if we accept your insurance provider, contact us. If you find that we do not accept your insurance plan or you have limited or no insurance coverage, we offer a sliding payment scale option that allows you to make affordable settlements on your overall treatment costs.

Aftercare Services for our Patients

We know that recovery doesn’t just end after treatment. For our treatment alumni, we provide aftercare services to support and encourage our patients to continue with their recovery journey and live a life of well-being. However long you feel that you need the support of Diablo Valley Drug and Alcohol Services is how long you will have it.

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