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Recovery Program

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Addiction or alcohol dependency shouldn’t prevent you from working, going to school, or spending time with your family. That’s why Daniel Smeester, MD, and the Diablo Valley Drug and Alcohol Services team offers personalized recovery plans and outpatient care to suit each client’s individual needs. To learn more about your customized recovery options, call the office or schedule an appointment online.

Recovery Program Q & A

What is outpatient recovery care?

For those who cannot, or don't want, inpatient rehab facilities requiring several days out of a busy schedule to address substance use disorder and dependency. While oftentimes effective, inpatient rehab isn’t feasible for everybody. Some facilities are expensive, and due to one's schedule can sometimes be unobtainable. Our outpatient center provides all (or more)  medical care, including detox, treatment of co-occurring illness, and counseling services found at all residential treatment facilities, but you return home at the end of each day.

Outpatient recovery care at Diablo Valley Drug and Alcohol Services allows you to continue living your life while seeking addiction treatment. This way, your recovery treatment isn’t a barrier, and can be completely anonymous.

What are the benefits of outpatient recovery care?

Long-term recovery means functioning as your best self in the “real world.” Outpatient care lets you stay integrated into your safe routines, and allows for adaptation of new routines. Some of the most common outpatient recovery benefits include:

  • Maintaining a job
  • Staying in school
  • Seeing friends and family
  • Living at home
  • Anonymity in treatment
  • Continued medical and mental health care where youve found intial success- with us!

Entering back into routines from inpatient treatment can be stressful and we provide IOP and PHP for those that need a safe transition. We promote inpatient settings and can help to facilitate admission to accomplished facilities. It is mostly advised to cfollow inpatient care with outpatient treatment, such as Partial Hospitalization (PHP) or Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). That’s why Diablo Valley Drug and Alcohol Services customizes your recovery plan to target your unique needs.

How does outpatient recovery care work?

Diablo Valley Drug and Alcohol Services offers various treatment tracks, depending on your lifestyle, budget, and other factors:



Stopping pain medications, alcohol and other substances that create dependence can feel impossible. When one does so abruptly it can lead to withdrawal which can be life threatening. Most people though do not need to be hospitalized for this process and can enter our program and even stop use at home. With daily medical visits, 24 hour MD care via telehealth, and medication management and CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) allowing more comfortable transitions, a stable life can be obtained comfortably, successfully and with complete anonymity. 

IOP- intensive outpatient program

Track One

Track one is a Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evening program 6-9 PM that consists of at least nine clinical hours a week to better suit your individual schedule.


Track Two

Another evening tract from 6-9 PM but on tuesday, wednesday ant Thursday evenings.


Track Three

Late morning track from 10am to 1pm on Monday through Friday requiring at least 9 hours per week, but can come any or al of the 5 days per week.


No matter which track you choose, you will always need to atend at least 3 groups per week.

Graduates of the program- those that complete 36 sessions or whose insurance company will no longer pay for sessions after 30 sessions- are able to attend aftercare.


PHP- partial hospitalization program

This program is for those who cannot or do not want to be hospitalized but want more intensive therapy, running from 10 am to 4 pm Monday through Friday. The small group sessions are a combination of education, psychotherapy and supportive care. Everyone MUST attend all 5 days per week. The time period might seem long, but it goes by fast!


Individualized care

Diablo Valley Drug and Alcohol Services ideally takes at most 12 clients per track to ensure you always receive the personalized care you deserve. During your treatment, you can reserve intensive one-on-one and family counseling to promote mental and emotional healing.

Group therapy

Small group therapy sessions give you a chance to process your emotions in a trusted circle. When led by a licensed therapist, these small groups can also provide valuable feedback that helps build the foundation for long-term sobriety.

Pain intervention

If your addiction and/or dependency stems from chronic pain—as many cases do—the team can integrate pain intervention and management techniques into your recovery plan. A state of the art center utilizing pain techniques without the use of addictive substances, including injection (facet blocks, epidurals, etc.) as well as PRP injections and Ketamine infusions; and other medication therapies that no other pain treatment programs are providing.

Holistic treatment

Depending on your lifestyle and recovery goals, Diablo Valley Drug and Alcohol Services may is always trying to incorporate proven holistic treatments including exercise and nutritional counseling, mindfulness meditation, cognitive behavioral therapy, etc.

Diablo Valley Drug and Alcohol Services has an individualized treatment plan for every client. Call the office or schedule an appointment online to learn more.