Is It Safe to Detox at Home?

The painful symptoms of withdrawal are one of the biggest reasons it’s hard for people to quit drinking or using their drug of choice. Despite all

The Importance of Making Sober Friends in Recovery

A huge part of recovery involves making sober friends. Addiction and alcoholism are full of isolation, loneliness, and fear for many people. In order to keep

What is Fentanyl? Exploring one of the Most Dangerous Opioids

With the opioid epidemic continuing to ravage the lives of people all over our nation, there is no time better than the present to learn more

Uncovering the Truth About Heroin Addiction Myths

There are many beliefs about heroin and heroin addiction that are just flat out false. Unfortunately, many people believe these myths and are either in denial

The Alcohol Detox Diet: What to Eat During Your Alcohol Detox

Certainly, abstaining from drinking alcohol is the most important thing to do during your alcohol detox. However, there are other things you can do to make

Parents of Addicts: 5 Signs You’re Enabling Addiction

Parents have a ton of influence on their children, even if they don’t think they do. But, for children and teens who are struggling with addiction,

What can I do About my Alcoholic Spouse?

If you have a spouse that struggles with alcoholism, you know how challenging it can be. Addictions like alcoholism can have a big impact on family

4 Reasons Individuals may Continue with Drug Use

It’s easy for individuals who don’t understand or have never dealt with addiction to believe that stopping the use of drugs is as easy as not

Steps to Take to Prepare for Drug Detox

Detox is the first step on a journey to healing from drug and alcohol addiction. If you’re reading this blog, you have become aware of the

Top Reasons People Don’t Get Addiction Treatment Help

It’s not common that someone is excited to get help for an addiction. Rather, many people will deny that they have an issue so they don’t

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