Understanding Adolescence Can Lead to Prevention of Substance Abuse

Is there a connection between the developmental phase of the adolescent brain and the development of substance dependence? Could something that happened during a person’s childhood

Why We Should Be Truthful About Drug Use and Abuse

There’s no doubt about it. Drug use and abuse are becoming more and more of a problem in our communities. It’s becoming so common that nearly

Why Are Drug Detox Programs So Important for Recovery?

When a person is dealing with substance dependence and abuse, it can be hard to overcome the problem. Most individuals who are dealing with this issue

What You Need to Know About Prescription Drug Use and Abuse

Prescription drug use is common. People all over our nation take these medications for various reasons. Some use prescription meds to deal with depression. Others may

Overcoming Substance Abuse Without an Inpatient Program

Fighting against a drug or alcohol problem is very challenging. It’s difficult to find a way out of the bondage of substance abuse. Going through substance

Medication for Alcohol Dependence Treatment: Is it Helpful?

Let’s face it. Medication assisted treatment isn’t really everyone’s idea of the perfect treatment for a substance abuse problem. Many people do not believe that it’s

Is There a Link Between Alcohol and Osteoporosis?

How are alcohol and osteoporosis connected? Does alcoholism increase a person’s risk of developing osteoporosis. Or is there no connection between the bone-weakening condition and the

Benefits of Drug and Alcohol Detox at Diablo Valley

The first step in recovery from substance dependence is acceptance. Those who wish to overcome a drug or alcohol use problem must first recognize and accept

An Outpatient Alcohol Detox Program Can Help You!

Alcohol abuse is an issue that has affected countless families. It’s not easy to overcome a substance dependence problem. Many individuals struggle to put end to

How Reducing Dosage of Prescription Pain Relievers Affects You

Unfortunately, a lot of people are finding themselves in a position of drug dependence. And, for many of them, this dependence isn’t on illegal drugs. While

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