When you are living the stages of addiction, you are losing touch with any kind of faith or the ability to trust that you will make the right choices. It is a scary place to be, and often the only place you can find any kind of comfort is in the drugs themselves.

In addiction recovery, you can relearn how to trust yourself, because drugs or alcohol are no longer controlling your life. You can stand behind your decisions one hundred percent because you know you made them in a good and sober mindset. Also, you will start to surround yourself with people you can trust, weeding out the ones who have bad intentions.

Building Faith during the Stages of Addiction Healing

First and foremost, faith doesn’t have to be about religion. In recovery, it is about believing in something greater than yourself, something you can “keep the faith” in and trust in that everything will be alright. Recovery from drugs and alcohol is a rocky road filled with ups and downs, and having something to hold on to when the going gets rough can really prevent a relapse.

Your faith needs to be personal to your own thoughts, feelings, and desires. It can be based on your lifestyle. For example, if you love the ocean, you may choose to think about the ocean when you need some extra faith. Or, it can be a prominent figure in your life, no matter what they are. Of course if you are religious, it can be the gods that you believe in. Faith is completely individual and unique to you and your situation.

Gaining Trust in Recovery

As we touched on before, addiction recovery gives you the opportunity to trust and believe in yourself once again. As you start to build that trust in yourself, you will be living a more honest lifestyle where your judgement and action won’t constantly be questions by you and those around you, like your family and friends who have stood by and watched your addiction. Trusting yourself means that you have faith that you won’t relapse, and that you will make the right decisions. When the going gets tough, the most important thing to remember is to keep putting one foot in front of the other and staying on the right path just for the present moment.

A lot of negative things happen in active addiction. You may even have gone through something traumatic like physical or mental abuse, rape, or any other bad situation that is unfortunately common in the world of drugs and alcohol. Learning to trust other people again is a long process, and it begins with trusting yourself. As you do so, you’ll become more and more confident to let people in close to you once you realize they are deserving of it!

During the stages of addiction healing, you will relearn a lot of things, and a lot of positive things will come from it. You’ll be a stronger person, have trust in yourself and others, and even gain faith in something bigger than yourself. As difficult at staying sober may seem from time to time, it is important to keep focusing on the present and doing the right thing. As the saying goes “just for today” you need to stay sober. Before you know it those days will turn into months and years. Sobriety is a tough journey but it is worth it. When the going gets tough, you can learn to rely on yourself, the sober support system you have built around yourself, and the faith you have learned to have.

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