Addiction Treatment at Diablo Valley Drug & Alcohol Services


A Long-Term Promise

Of course, the fight against addiction can’t be won in a matter of months. It takes a lifetime of perseverance to ensure that addictive patterns don’t reassert themselves. That’s why we ask our clients to promise us that they will remain in treatment for at least two years. It is proven that the longer a person commits to addiction treatment, the higher the chance they have to resist relapse and remain sober in early recovery.


Outpatient Medical Approach to Detox

Addiction Treatment in San Ramon, CA | Diablo Valley Drug & Alcohol ServicesThe first step of recovery from drug or alcohol addiction is detox. During this time, patients will start to refrain from using their drug of choice and actively experience withdrawal symptoms. Our outpatient approach to detoxing allows patients to detox with the help of aiding medications while still performing day to day activities necessary to maintaining responsibilities at home or work. For patients addicted to opiates who have previously had problems relapsing in early recovery or with a medication replacement therapy, we offer naltrexone compressed opiate detoxification (NCOD). This medication is proven to help those with an opiate addiction safely, effectively, and more comfortably detox with an outpatient program. For patients detoxing and placed on a medication placement program, we also offer buprenorphine as a method to controlling withdrawal symptoms. Whatever you are addicted to, our addiction detox program can help you begin on your recovery journey with helpful medications and a team of support.


Outpatient Addiction Treatment

After detox, Diablo Valley Drug and Alcohol Services provides a number of outpatient programs for recovering individuals. Our team of therapists is experienced in providing therapy for a number of different patients with numerous kinds of addictions, concurring mental ailments, and chronic pain conditions. Many addiction treatment facilities are residential programs that insist that their patients stay over the course of 30 days or longer. We know that this method is not appropriate or effective for every patient, which is why our addiction treatment services are all offered outpatient to allow our clients to tend to their daily lives while also working to better their lives through recovery. Over the course of your treatment, you will be surrounded with the support and dedication of the team at Diablo Valley Drug and Alcohol, who only wants to see you succeed in your mission to attain sobriety and live a life in recovery.


Committed Aftercare Services

For patients who have completed a full course of addiction treatment at Diablo Valley Drug and Alcohol, aftercare services are available. After two years of clinical, psychiatric, and medical care, the aftercare team at Diablo Valley Drug and Alcohol will help to determine which aftercare services you can benefit from. Successful recovery does not happen overnight or even two years. It is a daily battle to stay clean, and aftercare services keep you motivated to do so!


*Please note that medications are not included in the cost of the Diablo Valley outpatient addiction treatment program. Clients using medically assisted treatments will require additional medical visits, which must be paid for separately if not covered by their insurance. Clients who have PPO-type insurance policies will be able to use their insurance to cover the treatment. Diablo Valley offers a sliding-scale fee system for clients who do not have insurance coverage.