Prescription drug use is common. People all over our nation take these medications for various reasons. Some use prescription meds to deal with depression. Others may use meds for anxiety or sleep disorders. Many people use painkillers to treat chronic pain. And, there are certainly many other reasons for prescription drug use. But, no matter what the reason may be, the truth is that using prescription drugs can actually do more harm than good. In fact, it has already proven to be the cause of problems in many people’s lives. Why is this the case? Well, a lot of commonly used prescriptions are actually highly addictive. So, they often cause people to become dependent on them. Substance dependence usually happens unintentionally. Even so, it’s important to know more about how prescription drug use can affect us and how we can work to avoid those issues.

Reasons for Prescription Drug Use and Abuse

What You Need to Know About Prescription Drug Use and AbuseWe’ve already mentioned a few reasons why people use prescription medications. Again, pain relief and disorder management are some of the main reasons why people use these medications. But, let’s talk a little more about that. Sometimes, doctors will prescribe medications to patients who are experiencing pain due to an injury. Others may take these meds to treat chronic pain from things like headaches or migraines, back trouble, or neck pain. Also, various disorders are commonly treated with prescription drugs. People who suffer from General Depressive Disorder may use Prozac or Lyrica. A person who struggles with Attention Deficit Disorder may take a prescription like Ritalin.

These medications usually give the desired effect. In other words, they relieve pain or act as antidepressants. But the main problem is that, although medications produce the effect people want, they can leave individuals feeling dependent on them. As a person builds tolerance for the drug, they may begin to misuse it. This could mean that the person begins to take more medication than the suggested amount. Or, it could mean that people begin to use the meds more often than they should. In some cases, people even use the medications in ways that they shouldn’t (i.e. crushing, snorting, injecting, etc.) Unfortunately, these actions can lead to some serious issues, including drug dependence.

When Prescription Drug Use Leads to Dependence

Sadly, this is a common problem in our society. Many people just need something to help them with pain management and other things that prescription drugs can treat. But, these medications aren’t always as helpful as people would want them to be. We mentioned earlier that some medications can actually do more harm than good. The truth is that a lot of these drugs are truly addictive. Some of them include Percocet, Vicodin, Ritalin, and OxyContin. Many of the people who use these drugs have found themselves in a state of drug dependency. And this issue makes it hard for people to stop using the drugs. After all, their bodies have grown used to functioning under the influence of these substances.

But there’s good news! Here at Diablo Valley Drug and Alcohol Services, we understand how difficult it is to end drug dependence. So we offer our clients a detox program that helps them to feel comfortable as they go through the withdrawal process. Through our intensive outpatient treatment program, we give our clients the guidance they need in order to end substance abuse and dependence. And, with the help of our various therapy approaches, we help our patients to develop relapse prevention skills. Not only do we help people to overcome substance abuse, but we also help our clients to treat their pain in a healthier way through our pain treatment. If you’re interested in learning more, just call us today at (925) 289-1430!

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