There are several benefits to both inpatient and outpatient care. There are many factors to keep in consideration, from cost-effectiveness to time management. Nonetheless, outpatient care is the most popular setting for treatment. This is because outpatient care is an effective and lasting solution that helps to treat the problems that arise from a history of substance abuse.

Outpatient Care vs. Inpatient Care for Addiction

The Advantages of Seeking Treatment at an Outpatient Care FacilityOutpatient care offers a much less restrictive experience than inpatient care. Patients don’t have to live in the facility they attend. Instead, they are asked to come in for regular sessions of therapy or checkups. Patients are allowed to go home after their appointment; however, they may be subject to occasional drug testing. Most individuals with a history of drug and alcohol abuse seek treatment at outpatient care facilities. Even if individuals stop abusing, they may choose to continue their treatment to prevent a relapse in the near future.

Inpatient care requires admission into a rehabilitation center. This method is usually common for patients who are confronting a severe addiction for the first time. To be formally admitted into a rehabilitation center, a doctor must approve and sign paperwork stating that the individual needs to be admitted. To be discharged, a doctor must write a discharge note, however, some facilities allow for patients to check out at any time. The treatment can either be for a short or long period of time depending on the severity of the addiction and the judgment of the medical professionals. Patients may attend outpatient care facilities once their symptoms lessen or become manageable in an inpatient care setting. Inpatient care facilities are much more expensive than their outpatient counterparts, however, they provide a unique experience.

Why Many Choose Inpatient Care

Inpatient care offers its patients a more inclusive experience at a rehabilitation center. This method is one of the most effective methods for serious and potentially dangerous cases. Naturally, inpatient care facilities offer prescription medication services on-site for patients that need prescriptions filled. Some patients prefer inpatient care if they are seeking treatment for their substance abuse and they have a history of relapse. This is why every inpatient care facility tries to provide the best care possible, by offering around the clock care by trained physicians and nurses. These facilities encourage patients to relax as if they were at home, in a comfortable and relaxed setting.

The Benefits of Outpatient Care

Outpatient care is a convenient option for recovering patients who would like to keep their commitments while seeking treatment. Many outpatient care facilities realize that patients have jobs, families, friends, and children that require their attention. This is why they provide flexible hours of operation to accommodate the needs of every individual. Most rehab centers operate at day and night throughout the week. However, some allow for patients to attend sessions on the weekends. Appointments typically last a couple of hours, so patients will have plenty of time for other obligations they may have throughout the week. Outpatient care is considerably less expensive than inpatient care, considering patients aren’t staying at the facility. Individuals who’ve struggled with substance abuse in the past, but want to prevent a relapse, may choose to seek outpatient care.

Treatment at an Outpatient Care Facility

The Advantages of Seeking Treatment at an Outpatient Care FacilityOutpatient care facilities have several clinically proven approaches to treating substance abuse. Motivational Enhancement Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy are two examples of Talk Therapy treatments that help recovering individuals overcome aspects of their addiction. Motivational Enhancement helps substance abusers find the inspiration to quit their addiction. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a style of therapy that identifies the reason behind an individual’s addictive behavior and then helps those individuals find methods of gaining satisfaction without the use of drugs or alcohol. Doctors will also prescribe medication to go along with their therapeutic sessions, such as drugs to ease the withdrawal symptoms for individuals in treatment

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