Diablo Valley Drug & Alcohol Services Locations

Diablo Valley Drug and Alcohol Services are provided at two locations, Pleasant Hill and San Ramon, California. Both locations accept patients that struggle with all kinds of addictions and provide the same services. Choosing one of our facilities that provide outpatient drug and alcohol rehab means being able to get your life back on track without having to sacrifice daily responsibilities such as work or school. Our addiction specialists are determined to deliver compassionate and effective care so that patients can be confident that their time with Diablo Valley Drug and Alcohol Services will be worth the ride. It is never too late to find out what your life could be like without the hold of addiction. Start on your road to recovery now at one of our two drug and alcohol treatment locations.

Pleasant Hill Facility

Addiction Treatment Centers Near Me in California | Diablo Valley Drug & AlcoholThis facility is nestled in between the rolling hills of Pleasant Hill, California. All of your treatment needs will be meet by our addiction specialists and doctors during your two-year recovery plan. Individual assessments allow our specialists to devise a specific treatment route for each patient, as addiction affects each person differently. Outpatient treatment at this facility allows individuals to safely and effectively begin on their journey to sobriety while maintaining daily routines and schedules. Additionally, most patients find that the cost of drug and alcohol treatment is covered by their insurance provider. You don’t have to recover alone! Talk to the professionals at the Diablo Valley Drug and Alcohol Services Pleasant Hill facility today by calling 925-289-1430 and schedule an appointment for your assessment.

San Ramon Facility

Miles from San Francisco and resting within the San Ramon Valley, the Diablo Valley Drug and Alcohol Services San Ramon Facility offers outpatient addiction treatment services to adolescents and adults who need medical support. From assessment to completion our doctors and staff will assist you in recovering from addiction safely and efficiently. Your treatment costs may be covered under your insurance plan. Call the Diablo Valley San Ramon facility to schedule an appointment for your assessment today at 925-289-1430.

Services and Programs Offered at Both Drug and Alcohol Rehab Locations