Often, people who have finished treatment for drug and alcohol misuse, they find themselves unsure. They’re uncertain about what the future holds. They’re even unsure about the present moment. Many people find themselves thinking, “What’s next?” If you’ve recently completed the treatment process for drug and alcohol misuse, you may find yourself in this position. If so, know that you’re not alone in your concern and uncertainty. This is definitely common amongst those who have gone through substance abuse and recovery. It can be hard to find a balance and adjust to life after treatment. But, there are many things you can do to help you to stay on track and make your life enjoyable.

About Drug and Alcohol Misuse and Treatment

After Freedom From the Bondage of Drug and Alcohol MisuseWhen a person has a problem with drug and alcohol misuse, his or her body gets used to the substance. The body becomes dependent on the alcohol or drugs and has a hard time functioning without the substance. So, when the person goes through detox and treatment, the body has to literally learn how to operate again. But, this time, it must learn to function without the use of alcohol and drugs. The person in treatment may have struggled with drug and alcohol misuse for a while. He or she might have used substances in response to stress, pain, anxiety, or another trigger. It’s certainly a challenge to train the body to respond to these triggers in a positive way. But, through treatment, the individual can learn healthier ways to handle the issues that may come up in life.

As people work through treatment for drug and alcohol misuse, they attend therapy sessions. These therapy meetings allow them to discuss what is happening in their lives. They may do this in a group therapy setting or in individual therapy. Through therapy, they can gain a better understanding of themselves. For example, people are able to learn more about their own responses and actions through cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Once this happens, therapists can help to equip clients with more positive responses and coping mechanisms. This enables people to prevent relapse in their lives.

What Should I Do Next?

Now that you’ve completed treatment, you have gained control of your life again. You are no longer bound by the bondage of drug and alcohol misuse. But, you might not be sure of the next step to take. One of the things you can do is enroll in an addiction aftercare program. This can help you to stay on your path to a completely sober life. Aftercare involves therapy sessions and many other components that can help people to continue on after treatment. In addition to aftercare, you should do things that you enjoy. Drug and alcohol misuse took a lot of your time and energy. It robbed you of your chance to really enjoy your life. But, now that you’ve worked to become free from that bondage, you can truly live life in its fullness. Spend time with people who support your choice to live in sobriety. Speak positively to yourself. Do the things that give you fulfillment. Let every day be a celebration of your total freedom from substance abuse.

Finding Freedom From Substance Misuse

At Diablo Valley Drug and Alcohol Services, our mission is to help our clients find the joy of sobriety. We know that there are many challenges on the journey to recovery. That’s why we offer a helping hand through therapy and treatment. If you or someone you know could use some help breaking free from the bondage of substance abuse, please contact us today.

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