As you may know, chronic pain is usually treated with narcotic painkillers. But, these medications are not safe as they can cause people to become dependent on them. There is some good news, though! Pain relief is possible with the help of other treatment methods. There are some ways to treat chronic pain without the use of medications which cause drug dependence. One of those methods is called peripheral neuropathy Calmare treatment. Calmare therapy is one of the ways in which people can find true relief from the effects of chronic pain while avoiding substance dependence. If you’ve never heard of this kind of treatment, don’t worry! We’ve got some information for you! Let’s learn a little more about Calmare therapy for chronic pain treatment.

What is Calmare Therapy?

Peripheral neuropathy Calmare treatment is a kind of therapy that can help people who are dealing with the effects of recurring pain. Those who experience pain on a regular basis are usually diagnosed with a form of chronic pain by doctors. Medical professionals often prescribe medication for this issue. But, another way to get relief from this pain is through Calmare therapy. It uses a device or machine called a Calmare device. By using surface electrodes that connect to the skin, this machine sends messages to the brain and creates pain relief for the individual. The signals which are sent to the brain relay messages which basically reverse the feelings of pain. Medication for pain, or painkillers, block the brain’s pain receptors. But, they can also cause people to become dependent on them. This can be very harmful to the individuals who use them. On the other hand, Calmare therapy provides pain relief without the risk of drug dependence.

Will Calmare Treatment Help Me?

Calmare Therapy Can Help You Live a Life Free of Pain!The good thing about Calmare therapy is that it can help treat various kinds of pain. People who are suffering from general lower back pain can experience pain relief with the help of this kind of treatment. If someone is struggling to live with neck pain, Calmare therapy can also help that individual! This method of treatment can also help those who are dealing with sciatica issues and post-surgery pain. People who go through this kind of treatment can receive instant relief from their pain and live a full life without having to worry about the issues they were facing! Not only is there relief from pain, but there is also freedom from harmful painkillers. There are more benefits, too:

  • Calmare therapy is painless.
  • It’s non-invasive.
  • It provides instant pain relief.
  • It does not produce drug dependence.

One of the most important benefits of Calmare therapy is the fact that it doesn’t use dependence-inducing medication. People who do not desire to avoid drug dependence at all costs will find that this method of treatment will help them to do so.

Avoiding Drug Dependence While Getting Treatment

At Diablo Valley Drug and Alcohol Services, we work to make sure our clients are free from drug dependence. If you have been dealing with chronic pain, you may have found yourself depending on your pain meds. But Diablo Valley can help you! First, we can help you get through a safe and comfortable detox process. Then, we can help you find the best route of treatment for chronic pain relief. The best method for you just might be peripheral neuropathy Calmare treatment. As we mentioned earlier, this treatment can help varying types of chronic pain. It can help those who are dealing with mild pain and those who are dealing with more intense pain. If you think peripheral neuropathy Calmare treatment is right for you, just reach out to Diablo Valley today!

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