Addiction is a serious condition. Once dependence on alcohol or a drug develops, life can become very hard. People who are dependent on drugs lose the ability to control how much of the substance they consume. If you are currently in recovery from addiction, you know that the process is not easy. You have to make a lot of lifestyle changes. One of the most important elements of recovery is accountability development. And, many may have to wake up to the fact that they are going to have to be held accountable for their own recovery from addiction.

What is Accountability?

To be accountable means to be responsible. It’s being willing to accept responsibility for your own actions. When people are held accountable for something, they are given full control, authority, or power. Basically, having accountability for something or someone is being in charge of that thing or person. When it comes to recovery from addiction, the person recovering is accountable for their actions. You, as the person in recovery, are in charge of what you do.

Accountability in Recovery From Addiction

Awakening Accountability During and After Recovery From AddictionAddiction doesn’t form overnight. It builds over time, after repeated substance use. Getting past alcohol or drug dependence is no easy task. Just like the development of dependence, recovery from addiction takes time. Often, it takes a lot of time and patience. As you learn more about how to keep drugs and alcohol from controlling you, you also have to learn how to control yourself. This is a big struggle for everyone in recovery. So, you’re not alone!

You can’t place too much emphasis on the importance of accountability in recovery. You might be currently in treatment or you’re done with your treatment. Either way, becoming responsible for what you do is key to avoiding relapse. If you’ve begun therapy or another form of treatment for your recovery from addiction, that’s the first step. Admitting you need a little help is one of the best ways to start being accountable.

Therapy sessions, both as an individual and within a group, can help. Being around others who are also recovering helps to develop responsibility. Therapists and peers can help give you a sense of community. This kind of community is ideal for people in recovery. This is a group of people that encourages growth in the recovery process. They share information about their mistakes and how to get past them. Opening up about the problems you’re having is a big part of accountability.

Problems With Accountability

Many people who have been through addiction have had trouble with accountability. A lot of people have blamed addiction on others or other unpleasant life situations. Some people blame their substance dependence on the belief that they are unable to control their craving. Of course, dependence is an intense craving for more and more of a harmful drug. But, with guidance and proper treatment, the individual can learn how to put an end to dependence.
Sometimes, family members put their struggling loved one into therapy. The person who is struggling with addiction does not always want help. In cases like this, accountability is nearly nonexistent. If a person does not want to change something, they cannot be forced to do so. Often, the lack of personal motivation leads to a lack of accountability.

Becoming More Responsible

As someone who is recovering from addiction, you should first realize that addiction has hurt you. It has hurt the people around you. It is something that has taken control of your life. Now, you have the power to take control of it. You can recover from your struggle with substance abuse. The most important way to make real progress is to become more responsible for what you do. You might make mistakes during your recovery. But, as you develop more accountability, you will see growth in yourself.

Getting Help With Recovery

If you’re ready to take control of your own choices and change your lifestyle, Diablo Valley Drug & Alcohol Services can help you. We encourage individuals who are taking responsibility for their actions. Our treatment programs are designed to help you and your loved ones heal from the damage that addiction brings. Let us help you as you make the choice to change. Contact us today.

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