Going from a treatment environment back into real life can be overwhelming. It’s one thing to practice recovery methods in a guided setting. But, it’s another thing to practice recovery settings in an environment where triggers to use are in your face. Fortunately, most rehabilitation and treatment centers offer resources and aftercare programs for individuals who have already graduated treatment. The experts understand that assimilating back into society is challenging and that extra support is always helpful. This is why at Diablo Valley, we offer a number of aftercare services including an alumni program that invites all graduates to continue with their addiction treatment.

Aftercare Programs Working to Reduce the Risk of Relapse

Undoubtedly, the most important characteristic of aftercare programs like the alumni organization at Diablo Valley is preventing relapse. Especially in the early days of recovery following a stay in addiction treatment, relapse is dangerous. During these days, the most overdose deaths are recorded on account of relapses. Because the body loses tolerance to a person’s drug of choice during detox, after treatment, their bodies aren’t used to the same amount of the drug as it was previously. So, when they relapse and take the same dose as they were used to previously, they end up never waking up. It’s extremely important to keep individuals motivated throughout these early days of treatment so this doesn’t happen. Instilling aftercare programs like an alumni association can greatly help to keep treatment graduates from relapsing and, in turn, dying.

Other Issues Recent Treatment Graduates Face

There are many things that can trigger a relapse in the days of early recovery. Recovery isn’t easy. There are going to be times when it may just feel easier to use again. But, alumni aftercare programs can help with:

  • Realizing that recovery isn’t as easy as expected
  • High-stress situations that may lead to cravings
  • Providing an ear to listen when emotions need an outlet
  • Feelings of regret, remorse, or nostalgia
  • Prioritizing sobriety
  • Relapse process denial
  • Remaining positive about the recovery experience

What Exactly are Alumni Aftercare Programs?

Alumni aftercare programs are communities of recovery individuals and their loved ones who come together to support one another. They are established to help celebrate recovery and provide resourceful outlets. Support is a huge part of recovery success. People are social beings and we need the support of others. Especially in our most trying times like recovering from addiction. An alumni community helps to remind individuals in recovery that there are successful recovery stories. Additionally, it provides a caring community of like-minded individuals that can lead to lifelong friendships.

Alumni Association Meetings at Diablo Valley

At Diablo Valley, our alumni association meets every week on Wednesday nights. This gives everyone a chance to express what is going on in their lives to peers in the recovery community. And, in turn, allows others to offer helpful feedback. Fellowship with others in the recovery community allows individuals to stay connected, encouraged, and helped, no matter what they may be facing outside of treatment walls. Our alumni association is beginning to grow as our treatment participants are starting to understand the importance and benefits of our weekly meetings.

Alumni Association Workshops for Community Service

Our alumni association knows that service is a huge benefit for recovering individuals. So, the association makes sure to volunteer in various forms of community service. This includes talking to new coming treatment patients at Diablo Valley and expressing recovery testimonials. We know the importance of showing newcomers to sobriety that it is possible, and these testimonials attest to that. Along with speaking to treatment patients, the alumni association of Diablo Valley also participates in other community service projects.

Looking for Treatment that Includes Alumni Aftercare Services?

If you are looking for addiction treatment for yourself or a loved one, you may wish to choose one which implements alumni aftercare services. This will ensure that you will have the needed support you require when treatment ends. It will also provide you with help you need in case of a relapse. If you wish to learn more about our programs and services, please visit our website. If you’d like to speak confidentially with one of our admission specialists, please give us a call at (925) 289-1430.