How are alcohol and osteoporosis connected? Does alcoholism increase a person’s risk of developing osteoporosis. Or is there no connection between the bone-weakening condition and the substance? All of these are very good and thought-provoking questions. As we grow older, we may find that we’re at risk for various conditions and degenerative illnesses. But, some people often forget that there are factors that can contribute to those conditions. There is, in fact, a connection between alcohol and osteoporosis. Alcoholism impacts more than just your emotional and mental state. It can also affect your physical self. It can cause complications in your body or even make you more likely to develop some health issues.

Is There a Link Between Alcohol and Osteoporosis?The Physical Effects of Alcoholism

When a person is suffering from alcoholism, it means that he or she has a physical or physiological dependence on this substance. As a result of that dependence, it can become hard for the person to function or operate without the influence of alcohol. In many cases, people who are dependent on alcohol will think about drinking first thing in the morning. Dependence can also cause people to drink more than they should. They may drink despite the fact that they’ve had too much. Some people who are dependent on alcohol will use the substance as a coping mechanism. For instance, people may choose to drink in order to escape the effects of trauma or to deal with stress. Although it seems to provide relief at the moment, alcohol use can become a major problem for those who become dependent on it.

How Alcohol and Osteoporosis are Connected

As we mentioned a little earlier, alcohol dependence can lead to some health problems. We’ve all heard about how alcoholism has an effect on the liver and other such things. But, believe it or not, alcohol use can impact the bones, too. When a person consumes a lot of alcohol, it can have a negative impact on the calcium levels within his or her body. When the calcium balance is off, it can affect the bone growth. Excess alcohol can also cause a person’s cortisol levels to increase. Cortisol is a hormone that the body produces. This hormone helps to control various functions in the body, including blood pressure and metabolism. But, when there is too much cortisol, the body may have trouble forming bone tissue.

Osteoporosis is not curable. But it can be treated. And, thankfully, it can be prevented. One way to help prevent the development of osteoporosis is to eat well. Maintaining a healthy and nutritional diet can help you make sure your body is getting what it needs in order to fight against health problems like osteoporosis. You can also work to make sure you get enough vitamin-D. And, finally, since there is a direct connection between alcohol and osteoporosis, you should also avoid excessive alcohol intake. If you or a loved one is suffering from alcohol dependence, it’s important to end that struggle. Not only will it allow you to be free from alcoholism but it will also help you to improve your overall health and prevent illnesses that alcohol can cause or contribute to.

Overcoming Alcohol Abuse and Dependence

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