For many people, the “in between” phase is a little difficult. This phase is that space between completed substance misuse treatment and “normal” life afterward. People often have a hard time figuring out what to do at that stage. They’re literally stuck in an “in between” spot. But, one of the best ways to get through this time is to find your purpose. Find out what it is that you can do for yourself and others at this moment. You can celebrate the fact that you are free from substance problems! And, what better way to celebrate than to help others? Here’s an idea you can consider: raise awareness. Think about ways to help out through substance abuse education.

About Substance Abuse Education

What exactly do we mean by substance abuse education? Well, it’s basically spreading education about substance misuse and sharing how we can prevent and overcome it. As someone who has finished getting treated for a problem with substances, you can now help speak life into others. Now is the time to help others to find the joy life offers through total freedom and recovery. More than once, you probably felt alone in your struggle. But, through treatment, you’ve found out that you weren’t! And, now that you know this, it’s time to help others to realize that truth. Substance abuse education is very important in our society. And, people like you can help make sure that individuals get the help they need.

Prevention Through Education

Planting a Garden of life Through Substance Abuse EducationOne of the reasons people get into situations that involve substance misuse is the lack of information. Sometimes, people grow dependent on prescription medication. Others may begin to abuse alcohol. In any case, people don’t usually intend to abuse substances. They start to use alcohol or drugs with other intentions in mind. Most of the time, they’re looking for immediate relief, at least temporary assistance. But, that desire for temporary help eventually leads to long-term use. And, the person then finds himself or herself struggling and dealing with the misuse of drugs or alcohol.

But, with the help of substance abuse education, we can help prevent people from going through that. Here are a couple of ways you can help raise awareness about and prevent substance abuse problems:

  • Talk to your loved ones about what you’ve gone through. Speak to them about how you struggled and, eventually, found freedom.
  • Keep in contact with any therapists and peers who helped you to get through your treatment. Continue to encourage the people who are on the road to recovery with you. You can help prevent relapse!
  • Find out about organizations in your community that work to prevent alcohol and drug abuse. Groups that specialize in substance abuse education can really be a great help to the people in your city.
  • If you see anyone you know heading down the path to substance abuse, stop them! You’ve found new life after recovering from drug or alcohol misuse. Help others to find the beauty in life by keeping them from the pain of substance abuse.

Get Others the Help for Addiction They Need

One other thing you can do to help with substance abuse education is to inform people about where they can find help. Sometimes, people who are suffering from substance misuse and dependence don’t know where to start. If you have a friend or family member who is struggling, reach out to them. And, bring them to a facility where they can be treated.

Here at Diablo Valley Drug & Alcohol Services, we want to plant positive seeds and encourage people. It’s our mission to bring people into a garden of freedom and hope. And, we do that by providing medication-assisted treatment and outpatient treatment to our clients. If you know someone who needs help, please call us today and let us help to bring new life to your loved one!

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