Drug Testing Service During Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Outpatient treatment is great because patients can work on their recovery while also maintaining daily responsibilities. Although this is a major benefit as opposed to live-in residential facilities that require round-the-clock supervision, this added freedom can be a tempting opportunity to use during early recovery. Onsite drug screening of patients enrolled in an outpatient recovery facility helps to reduce the temptation of using while patients aren’t receiving treatment and also provide a number of other benefits.

The Importance of Relationships in Addiction Treatment

It is extremely important that the clinician and patient relationship be a transparent one throughout addiction treatment so that trust can be formed and the chance of recovery success is high. If a patient is lying about drug use or medical history, it can make it hard for a clinician to properly treat the patient. One thing that does not lie is a drug test. Drug tests are used upon initial assessment to maintain a relationship between clinician and patient of trust. Another reason drug tests are performed upon the initial assessment is so that the medical specialist can determine how severe an addiction is, and how to properly treat withdrawal symptoms with detoxification medications. Drug addiction affects each individual specifically, so determining how addiction affects a patient through drug testing will allow for the proper plan of recovery accustomed to each patient.

Onsite Drug Screening Throughout Outpatient Rehabilitation at a Drug Testing Center

Throughout your weeks at an outpatient treatment center, you will be drug tested. Many view this as a lack of trust or an assumption that patients are to fail in recovery, but it is the opposite. Drug tests are administered to track the progress of an individual’s recovery. It can also help addiction specialists to determine, if theDrug Testing Service in California | Diablo Valley Drug & Alcohol Services patient is on medication, whether or not medication is effective. While drug testing throughout outpatient treatment is good for record keeping and tracking personal growth, it is also imperative in motivating individuals to sustain sobriety.

Other Benefits of testing at a Drug Testing Center during Rehabilitation

  • Offers a specific and accurate assessment upon enrolling in an outpatient facility so that proper detoxification medications and treatment plans can be specified. All drug testing is done by medical professionals in a lab setting for accurate and timely results.
  • Motivates individuals enrolled in outpatient treatment services to remain abstinent from using since they know that testing will be conducted in the near future.
  • Monitors an individual’s specific recovery success. Abstaining from drugs or alcohol while suffering from addiction is no easy feat, and you should review how far you’ve come to keep yourself motivated and admire the results.
  • Regains the trust of those who care for an addicted individual. Since addiction does not only affect the individual who abuses substances, it is important to work on the damage done in family and friend relationships. Re-establishing trust is a component of recovering relationships that have been damaged by addiction, and drug testing is a way to do so.

Hold Yourself Accountable

Do you think that drug testing center while being enrolled in treatment could help you or a loved one? Drug testing center is available for detoxing, outpatient therapy, and aftercare patients enrolled in treatment at Diablo Valley Drug and Alcohol Services. Track your progress throughout your recovery while also utilizing the support of addiction specialists who only want to see you succeed. Don’t wait another day to get your life on the right track; the track that leads away from addiction! Call us today to talk to an addiction specialist and get help now at 925-289-1430.