It’s frequent that many addiction specialists and blog suggest that individuals hit rock bottom before getting help for addiction. “Rock bottom” is a term commonly used for the lowest situation an individual can experience. For an addict, rock bottom may be finally experiencing the consequences of their addiction. For example, going to prison due to using drugs in a public place. However, this common suggestion to hit rock bottom is not the best option. In this article, we discuss why it’s not the best idea to wait for a loved one to hit rock bottom before they get help by addressing myths about this common misconception.

You Have to Hit Rock Bottom for Treatment to be Successful

It’s a common belief that people who struggle with addiction have to want to get help through treatment. And, while it certainly does help to have an individual motivated for treatment, it’s not necessary to become sober. In fact, most people who enroll in treatment don’t want to be there. And, by waiting long enough to want to get help, addiction may have already taken its toll on the mind, body, and spirit in a way that makes it even harder to recover. Addiction is a disease and it requires treatment, but that treatment doesn’t necessarily have to be only for those who’ve hit rock bottom.

Hitting Rock Bottom will Make a Person Want to go to Treatment

Even those who have hit rock bottom may not want to get help through treatment, so the saying isn’t correct. Basically, the belief is that once a person loses everything (relationships, job, finances, etc.) they will finally be ready and willing for treatment. But honestly, no one ever wants to go to treatment out of fear for the unknown. This doesn’t change just because someone experiences consequences of addiction. No matter where a person is at in their active addiction, if they’re willing to face this fear, they can benefit from treatment.

Why it’s Best to not Hit Rock Bottom Before TreatmentHitting Rock Bottom Happens Eventually to Everyone

Surrounding the common belief that rock bottom is crucial to getting treatment is another belief that rock bottom happens naturally and suddenly. This just isn’t the truth. For many, rock bottom can be avoided for dozens of years due to enabling family and friends and/or manipulating others to get what they need or want. Furthermore, rock bottom may differ from person to person. So, while one person’s rock bottom may be running out of money, another may not be until they’re sitting in a prison cell. Hitting rock bottom doesn’t happen overnight and it’s definitely not going to happen without a fight. So, is it worth waiting for years of active addiction to pass to actually get the help that’s needed? The answer is no.
It’s Good to Wait Until You’ve Reached Rock Bottom to get Help

For many in active addiction, rock bottom doesn’t occur for many years, if at all. This means the body and mind are living with the consequences of drug abuse for prolonged periods of time. Waiting for rock bottom is simply prolonging getting help and letting the effects of addiction get worse and worse. Just like any other disease, it’s important to seek help right away before symptoms get worse.

Finally, the main reason waiting for rock bottom isn’t a good idea is because rock bottom can often be deadly. When addicted people have nothing left to lose, they don’t just stop using drugs. In fact, they may even use more to attempt to self-medicate negative emotions and end up overdosing. And, in all reality, there is always a possibility for overdose death, even without hitting rock bottom. So, if you’re serious about not wanting to die, you’ll consider not waiting for rock bottom and getting the help you need and deserve.

Outpatient Treatment for Individuals Struggling with Addiction

Here at Diablo Valley Drug & Alcohol Services, we understand the fear that you may be experiencing surrounding treatment. But, we don’t want you to wait until you hit rock bottom to get the help you need. We want you to get better before having to lose everything you have.

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At our location, we offer outpatient approaches to both detox and treatment to allow for a more accommodating treatment plan. If you’d like to hear more about how we can help you take the first step to a life of sobriety, contact us today.

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