It’s not common that someone is excited to get help for an addiction. Rather, many people will deny that they have an issue so they don’t have to go through treatment at all. In fact, out of the over 23 million people in our country who struggle with addiction, it’s thought that only 10% of them get help. However, when people understand more about addiction treatment, the entire process, and what they can expect, they may be more likely to seek the help they need. To help individuals who may have the wrong idea about treatment for whatever reason, we’ve developed this article to discuss the most common reasons people may not get the help they need. This way, individuals can identify these worries in their own lives so they can address them, overcome them, and get started on the road to recovery.

Denial of the Issue or its Intensity

Top Reasons People Don’t Get Addiction Treatment HelpThe most common reason why a person may not seek help for an addiction is denial. While they may not deny they use addictive substances or even do so too often, they may deny that the problem is bad enough to need help. No one thinks they’re going to end up struggling with addiction when they start drinking or using addictive substances. Rather, they may think that they’re impervious to becoming addicted. However, even if addiction isn’t leading to life ruin, it can always get worse. And, it won’t get better until a person removes the denial and faces their problem with confidence.

Worrying that Treatment will Take Away from Daily Life

Many people may think their lives are too busy to focus on treatment. And, while treatment does take sacrificing some time and effort, that’s inevitable with any good thing in life. When it comes to choosing treatment, sacrificing a few weeks for a lifetime of healing is worth it. Furthermore, without it, you run the risk of dealing with a host of addiction consequences which may even include your own death. So, when you weigh the risks versus the benefits, treatment is always a good choice.

Finally, if you’re really not wanting to spend a month or two in residential treatment, there are always other options to get the help you need. Here at Diablo Valley Drug & Alcohol Services, we offer outpatient treatment to allow individuals to detox and receive treatment while living at home. This way, patients can continue with their home responsibilities while getting the help they need.

Treatment is too Expensive

Another of the main concerns with individuals considering addiction treatment is the cost. Many don’t think they’ll be able to fork over the expense it takes to get help. However, many aren’t aware that most treatment facilities do accept insurance. And, that most insurance providers cover the cost of treatment. Furthermore, choosing an outpatient facility like Diablo Valley Drug & Alcohol Services doesn’t include overnight residency or food. So, this track of treatment is actually much more affordable. Finally, there are always other outlets to get financial aid for treatment. Check community postings and the internet to find scholarships directed to help people in your position! While it’s unfortunate that treatment costs money, you can’t put a price on a life of recovery that’s free from addiction!

Choosing a Treatment Facility with Your Concerns in Mind

If you have concerns about treatment, we can help find a solution to your concerns and get you the help you need. This way, you can begin your journey to a life free from the consequences of addiction. And, give you the tools needed for lasting sobriety.

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If you’re ready to address your worries about treatment and take advantage of how treatment can help you, contact us today.

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