Intensive Outpatient Rehab Program Model

Intensive outpatient rehab programs (IOPs) are designed to treat clients who suffer from addiction or alcoholism without requiring a lengthy and expensive stay in a residential treatment facility. Diablo Valley Drug and Alcohol Services offers intensive outpatient program tracks to clients in order to provide high-quality, regular and consistent addiction treatment that allows clients to maintain regular daily routines, including jobs, school, and family life.

Treatment Tracks

Outpatient Rehab in California | Diablo Valley Drug & Alcohol Services

At Diablo Valley Drug and Alcohol Services, both locations- Pleasant Hill and San Ramon- offer two separate intensive outpatient rehab tracks with different schedules so that clients have the freedom to choose whichever treatment schedule best fits into their lives. Intensive outpatient programs consist of clinical sessions spread over the course of three days. Clients at Diablo Valley have the option to enroll in either the Monday-Wednesday-Friday program or the Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday program based on the plan that can be most easily integrated into their normal schedule. Both tracks consist of a minimum of nine clinical hours per week; sessions are held in the evening on weekdays and in the morning on Saturdays to allow for patients to maintain jobs, school schedules, or other responsibilities. We offer two different intensive outpatient tracks in order to allow our clients the flexibility to meet their responsibilities at home, at work, or at school. One of the foundations of the Diablo Valley program is that providing patients with high-quality care that still allows them to stay integrated within their daily routines promotes long-term recovery that translates to “the real world.” Uprooting a client for treatment and then sending them back to their community often contributes to a stressful and difficult transition for the client, while an intensive outpatient program helps the client to heal right where they are.

Individualized Care

Intensive outpatient programs at Diablo Valley Drug and Alcohol Services are limited to twelve clients per track, in order to maintain a high staff-to-client ratio and ensure that every patient receives the individualized care and attention that they need in order to recover. Small groups also help to facilitate a safe group dynamic in which patients can comfortably process emotions and events that pose obstacles to their recovery. In these smaller groups, every patient has an opportunity to participate in group therapeutic processes, to give and receive valuable feedback, and to form tight-knit sober support networks with their peers.

During clinical hours, patients in Diablo Valley intensive outpatient programs participate in a wide range of therapeutic sessions and methods in order to heal physically, emotionally, and mentally and to build a foundation for long-term sobriety.

IOP Treatment Services

Clients in intensive outpatient programs at Diablo Valley regularly participate in group therapy sessions facilitated by a licensed therapist trained and experienced in assessing group dynamics and promoting healthy and productive group dynamics. Outpatient Rehab in California | Diablo Valley Drug & Alcohol ServicesDuring group therapy, clients have opportunities to process their emotions, learn about relapse prevention strategies, handle obstacles to sobriety and develop healthy work/life balances, acquire new coping mechanisms, and provide one another with constructive feedback. Group therapy allows for clients to build healthy relationships and learn how to function well within a social setting, a skill which benefits individuals in recovery from substance dependence. Through healthy and assertive communication, clients connect with one another and address the factors that contribute to addictive behavior within their peer group.

Individual therapeutic services are also a part of intensive outpatient rehab programs at Diablo Valley. In these sessions, each patient receives the individual attention and unique treatment they need in order to recover from addiction or alcoholism. These sessions provide clients an opportunity to work through underlying issues, address trauma, learn healthy coping skills, express a range of emotions, and alter behavioral patterns with the help of clinicians trained to treat substance use disorder.

Traditional and Holistic Therapy

When enrolled in an intensive outpatient program at Diablo Valley Drug and Alcohol Services, each individual also has the opportunity to participate in family counseling, holistic treatment methods, and explore recovery support groups such as twelve step fellowships and SMART Recovery. Because each patient is unique, every patient has their own treatment plan specifically designed to meet their needs and help them to recover from substance dependence. Clients all have access to medical and clinical staff, individual and group therapy, family therapy, and treatment for co-occurring disorders (such as chronic pain) through IOP at Diablo Valley. In addition to therapeutic services, IOP clients also have access to primary physician care and dual diagnosis care through our medical staff. Through our IOP tracks, we offer individuals the chance to live free of the pain of active addiction through high-quality, comprehensive treatment that allows them to stay present in their daily routines.