Drug Addiction Help After Treatment

Recovery from substance use disorder is a lifelong process that doesn’t end when a patient graduates from substance abuse treatment. In order to support our clients in their journey toward long-term sobriety, at Diablo Valley Drug and Alcohol Services we offer comprehensive aftercare programs for patients who complete any of our programs.

Addiction is a condition that hijacks the mind and body until it is entirely dependent on a substance. Prior to the onset of addiction, however, there are often many factors that make an individual more at risk of developing a substance use disorder. Drug Addiction Help in California | Diablo Valley Drug & Alcohol ServicesOnce an individual receives treatment for alcoholism or addiction, they may still have to deal with these underlying factors that could present a temptation to drink or use even after a period of time sober. Because addiction is a mental, social, physical, and emotional condition, addiction treatment aftercare is vitally important to help individuals maintain health in all of these areas of their lives in order to prevent a relapse. Without long-term aftercare treatment and support, a client may become overwhelmed by any combination of circumstances and be tempted to cope with that through the use of substances. With long-term aftercare treatment, clients have the support they need to walk through any obstacle, and also have resources that help them to continue to maintain the healthy habits they learned in substance abuse treatment.

Support Services and Resources

After completing substance abuse treatment at Diablo Valley, patients have access to a variety of support services and aftercare resources in order to help them maintain their sobriety. Through our aftercare treatment program, clients have access to therapy and family counseling, drug testing services to maintain accountability, alumni and group events, and aftercare coordination staff.

The staff at Diablo Valley Drug and Alcohol Services works closely with reputable sober living facilities in the Pleasant Hill and San Ramon areas. Patients who are interested in living in a sober residence after completing treatment at Diablo Valley can be referred by our staff to a facility that best meets their needs for long-term recovery. Our aftercare coordinators work in tandem with the highest-quality sober living homes in the area in order to ensure that clients who choose this option are placed in optimum environments.

For some patients, sober living may not be the best option. In these cases, our aftercare treatment program is tailored to facilitate a safe and smooth transition from intensive treatment work into normal daily life. Aftercare coordinators work with clients and their families, loved ones, or spouses to ensure that the client has a support network established in their daily lives in order to help them stay accountable and maintain their sobriety.

Long-Term Care and Comprehensive Support

Regardless of what our clients decide to do after completing treatment, we always offer comprehensive aftercare plans that include regular therapy sessions, relapse prevention, and a continuation of any long-term treatment plans, such as chronic pain treatment or psychiatry appointments. Drug Addiction Help in California | Diablo Valley Drug & Alcohol ServicesAt Diablo Valley, our clients have access to resources and staff for as long as they need it in order to help them firmly plant their feet on a positive path. Regular therapy helps to support clients and continue to address any co-occurring or underlying disorders they may struggle with. This helps clients achieve well-being in every aspect of their lives. For as long as patients need it, outpatient aftercare treatment are available to help guide them and support them through their recovery journey post-treatment.

In addition to therapy, psychiatry, physician, and family counseling services, we offer drug testing as a part of our aftercare programs at Diablo Valley. This service provides peace of mind for many patients and their loved ones as it adds an extra layer of accountability to their recovery program; it can also serve as a way to help deter relapse or determine if additional treatment is necessary for a client.

Throughout the recovery journey, we offer aftercare treatment to our clients because we believe that the lifelong process of recovery is always more attainable when individuals have the support, care, and clinical services they need to continue to make healthy choices in their lives and to care for their physical and emotional well-being.