Recovering from a substance abuse or substance dependence problem is hard work. It’s easy to get discouraged or feel overwhelmed. Both during and after treatment, people often struggle with negative emotions like fear, anxiety, guilt, and shame. That’s why it’s important to remain positive throughout the whole process. Staying positive doesn’t stop negative feelings from coming. But, it does keep those harmful thoughts from taking over. And it will help you to feel motivated and encouraged during this amazing journey to freedom.

The Power of Positivity During Recovery

If you’ve dealt with substance dependence, you’re not alone. There are many other people who are also living with this issue even now. You may have become dependent on a prescription medication. Maybe, you’ve started to misuse or abuse the medicine, using it outside of the doctor’s instructions. This may have been because of chronic pain or something similar. Or, perhaps you’ve found yourself drinking more than you should. You might have become dependent on alcohol. This dependence has formed over time and after repeated use. So, recovery won’t happen overnight. In fact, recovery is actually said to be a lifelong process. But, as you start this new life in complete recovery, it’s important that you plant seeds of positivity in your life.

Negative thoughts and behaviors can cause you to relapse. Or, they can rob you of all the joy you should be experiencing. You’re going through treatment or you’ve already finished. Either way, this moment in your life is a big victory! You should be celebrating. But, negativity can put a damper on all of those joyful feelings. Thoughts like, “I might end up becoming dependent again” or “I may not ever be completely over it” are very harmful. They cause damage to the new person you’re becoming. But, positive thoughts like, “I am doing what I can to become a better me” will keep you encouraged as you go through substance abuse recovery.

No Negativity Allowed

Planting Seeds of Positivity During Substance Abuse RecoveryHere are some great tips on how to plant positivity seeds and get rid of the weeds of negativity:

“Positivity loves company.” Say ‘goodbye’ to misery and ‘hello’ to positive company. Make sure to stay away from people and places that bring you down. You’ve worked hard to remain sober and take care of yourself. Surround yourself with people who will celebrate that with you.

Positive thoughts only. Harmful thoughts will definitely try to creep in. But, again, bring in those healthy, self-building thoughts to drown out the doubts.

Relax. That’s right. Relax! You’ve done the right thing by choosing to go through therapy. So, enjoy the fact that you’re on your way to a much better way of living. Substance abuse recovery may take some time. But, once you’re done with treatment sessions and meetings, you’ll be living a totally new life.

Remember to take care of yourself. Your health is important during the substance abuse recovery process. Eat well, exercise, and get a good amount of sleep. This will help you to stay energized and motivated!

Shift your focus. Don’t think about the things that have gone wrong. Focus on the things that have gone right. Concentrate on all of the lifelong friendships you’ve made with others in recovery. How about all of the activities you’ve been able to do ever since you started going through substance abuse recovery? All of these things are worth thinking about!

Substance Abuse Recovery at Diablo Valley

At Diablo Valley Drug & Alcohol Services, we know that negativity is hard to overcome. During substance abuse recovery, people deal with their own negative thoughts as well as the negativity of others. But, here at Diablo Valley, we work to keep our clients encouraged and motivated! We are positive that recovery is absolutely possible. But, we want you to see for yourself! If you’re ready to start treatment for substance dependence, contact us today!

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