Recovering from an addiction is a lot of work. It takes plenty of commitment and self-discipline. The entire process can prove to be one of the biggest challenges in your life. But, it’s extremely rewarding and can leave you with a better and more positive lifestyle than you’ve ever had. Did you know that physical activity and health are part of a successful recovery journey? It’s very important to focus on the health and healing of the mind and body on the other side of addiction.

What Does Physical Activity and Health Mean?

Physical health is the overall wellness of the entire body. If you are physically healthy, both the inside and outside of your body are in good condition. That, of course, includes your organs, cells, and so forth. When your body is physically healthy, every body part is working properly and there are no signs of illness. Physical activity is one way to achieve that state of health. Exercise is a great way to keep the body healthy and whole. So, physical activity and health combine to make your body well.

How Does Physical Health Help in Recovery?

Once you complete treatment for addiction, the recovery process doesn’t end. You still need to actively maintain a lifestyle that helps you to stay sober. There will always be reasons for you to take another drink or use another drug. But, you have to stay determined to avoid being caught up in that lifestyle again. Physical activity and health are great ways to help you stay free from addiction. How do they help?

If a person is trying to stay free from addiction, he or she will need to shift focus. It’s important to try to concentrate on something besides the addiction. One of the reasons people relapse is that they’re not able to think of new ways to spend their time. Drugs or alcohol used to consume a lot of time and money. But, now that the person is not abusing those substances anymore, it can be hard to figure out what else to do with his or her time. Exercise can help fill those spaces. There’s no better way to use one’s time than to do something for the sake of well-being.

People who have been through an addiction can end up feeling poorly about themselves, even after treatment. Sobriety doesn’t automatically make a person feel confident. In fact, sometimes, it gives people more time to think about the bad choices they’ve made. But, if you exercise and take care of your body, you can start to feel better about yourself. You’ll enjoy the benefits of physical activity and health if you keep up with it.

Many people find that working out allows them to vent. It gives people an outlet, a way to get rid of energy. Emotional build-up is never a good thing to have. So, if you work out and put your energy into physical activity and health, you’ll be able to get rid of that buildup.

When you were struggling with addiction, you probably didn’t rest or sleep well. Your body was constantly in a bad state and you might have experienced a lot of uncomfortable symptoms. But, now that you’re living free from drugs and alcohol, you’ll need to find a way to get the right amount of rest. Your body has been deprived of good sleeping habits for a while. So, how do you get your body into better sleep patterns? One word: exercise. If you work out well and safely, your body will naturally become tired. You’ll rest much better at night and feel more energized in the morning.

How Diablo Valley Drug and Alcohol Services Can Help

Here at Diablo Valley Drug & Alcohol Services, we are completely committed to making sure you are well. Recovering from an addiction is hard to do on your own. That’s why we offer therapy and treatment for those who need it. And, once your treatment is over, we’ll help you get started with your new life. Just contact Diablo Valley Drug and Alcohol Services today.

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