Let’s face it. Medication assisted treatment isn’t really everyone’s idea of the perfect treatment for a substance abuse problem. Many people do not believe that it’s helpful to use a medication for alcohol dependence treatment. Some think it’s completely impossible. How can you use a drug to help someone overcome a drug dependence problem? It seems senseless to some. But, it’s not! In short, using a medication for alcohol dependence treatment is probably one of the most helpful approaches when it comes to treatment and recovery. But, it’s not enough to just say that. Let’s talk a little more in-depth about the benefits of medication assisted treatment and how it can truly help people to overcome alcoholism for good.

About Alcohol Dependence

Medication for Alcohol Dependence Treatment: Is it Helpful?An individual who has an alcohol dependence problem struggles to control the amount of alcohol they drink. They may drink as a way to cope with chronic pain. Some people drink as a way to escape from the difficulties of stress, depression, or anxiety. Others may turn to alcohol as a way to feel more comfortable in social settings. Although alcohol is a legal substance, using it in excess can be a major issue. Many people today are suffering from dependence on this particular substance. Both young people and older adults are being impacted by this problem. As people begin to use alcohol more frequently, they become more and more likely to develop a substance problem.

Normally, a person who drinks often does so because they have built a tolerance for alcohol. This happens as a result of excessive drinking. First, a person may drink a small amount of alcohol and get the desired results or feelings. But, after a while, that same amount of alcohol may stop producing those results. So, the individual may choose to drink a larger portion of alcohol, thus, building his or her tolerance for the substance. As a result of this tolerance, people can become dependent on alcohol. Alcohol dependence can lead to some very negative outcomes and consequences. Alcoholism often causes emotional, physical, mental, and financial problems.

When a person is dependent on alcohol, he or she may become separated from family and friends because of shame or guilt. Sometimes, alcohol dependence can cause people to lose interest in activities that were once engaging to them. Some individuals run into financial troubles because of their drinking habits. Others might experience depression because of the problem. Alcoholism may also lead to uncontrollable drinking and negative behavioral changes. This is why treatment is so important.

About Medication for Alcohol Dependence

When substance abuse is involved, professional treatment is the best way to help. It’s extremely dangerous to detox from alcohol use without the help of a treatment facility. Withdrawal symptoms can be very difficult to deal with and, if you detox alone, it can be dangerous. Symptoms of withdrawal can include things like headaches, nausea and vomiting, anxiety, insomnia, and much more. Needless to say, the withdrawal process is very uncomfortable. And it’s part of the reason some people avoid getting treatment. But withdrawal and detox do not have to be so unpleasant and uncomfortable. This is where medication for alcohol dependence comes in. Medications such as Vivitrol and Suboxone can help people work through withdrawal in a much more comfortable way.

Here at Diablo Valley Drug and Alcohol Services, we use medication for alcohol dependence treatment because we believe our clients deserve to detox without fear. We understand that people may worry about recovery because of how uncomfortable the process can be. But, we pair MAT with various types of therapy in order to help you find complete freedom from substance abuse and dependence. If you are dealing with alcohol dependence, we can help you. Just reach out to us today.

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