If you are currently going through treatment for a substance misuse problem, good for you! It’s not easy to take that first step and ask for help. Some people find it so challenging that they avoid doing it. But, you have done the best thing you could possibly do for yourself at this point in your life. As you know, the journey to recovery from drug and alcohol abuse can be very difficult. However, if you’ve been on this road to sobriety for this long, you’ve definitely won more battles than you’ve lost! Did you know that it’s important to celebrate your victories? No matter how small you think they are, your victories are what make your recovery successful. They’re what lead you to true independence.

Acknowledging the Little Victories

You Should Celebrate Your Independence From Substance MisuseYou know that recovering from substance misuse takes a lot of hard work. It takes commitment and dedication. You have to be determined to overcome the problem. It’s true that the ultimate goal of treatment is to help you find total freedom from alcohol and drug abuse. It’s certainly the main purpose. But, it’s also true that it will take time to get to that point. This journey requires a lot of patience. You won’t get to the point of sobriety and complete freedom overnight. But you will definitely get there! Still, until that moment when you feel that you are totally free, you will have small victories that are worth celebrating.

Why is it so important to pay attention to those “small victories”? Why should you take time to acknowledge how far you have come? Well, there are several reasons. For one, it helps you to remain encouraged. Think about what your life was like yesterday, last month, or last year. Were you battling with depression and anxiety? Were you coping with those things by using drugs or having a couple of drinks? Were you trying to stop misusing your prescription medications? Well, today, you are doing something different. You’re dealing with depression without the use of drugs. You’re detoxing from alcohol abuse. You’re changing, slowly but surely. And, you should be encouraged by this truth! As you continue to stay encouraged, the sober life won’t seem so far out of your reach.

Your Independence: Things You Should Celebrate

Through treatment, you’re gaining your freedom from substance misuse. You’re receiving independence from drug and alcohol issues. And, you’re growing into a new person. So, you should take note of the little things that are making you into that person. Here are some of the things that are definitely worth celebrating:

  • Your enrollment into treatment – Again, this is that first big step towards sobriety. And you took it!
  • Your perseverance – Some days are harder than others. But, every time you make it through another tough day of treatment, you persevere. That’s something of which you should be proud.
  • Resistance – Each time you fight the urge to return to the patterns of substance misuse, you gain another victory to celebrate.
  • Your choice to change – Not everyone chooses to be different. Not everyone decides to get help. But you did because you knew that a sober life was better for you.

Recovering with Diablo Valley’s Treatment Program

At Diablo Valley Drug and Alcohol Services, we know that the road to recovery is difficult. But, we urge you to celebrate your independence, even if you don’t feel victorious yet. Once you begin treatment for substance misuse, you start walking down the path that will lead you to complete victory. If you would like to learn more about our services and start winning over substance misuse, contact us today.

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