We all have people in our lives whom we care about and love. And, because we care deeply about them, It’s hard to see them suffer. You, like countless other families in our country, may have a loved one who is struggling with substance abuse. Unfortunately, many people know all too well what it feels like to watch a loved one deal with an alcohol problem. In some cases, however, people may not be aware of the problem. They may not know exactly what their loved one is dealing with. But, if you know more about the signs of alcohol dependence, you may be able to get help for your family member or friend right away.

Identifying Common Signs of Alcohol Dependence

Helping Someone Who is Showing Signs of Alcohol DependenceWhen people become dependent on alcohol, they may begin to change in various ways. The way they behave, interact with others, think, and feel may be different. But, these changes may not always be extremely noticeable. Sometimes, things can go unnoticed. But, it’s important to learn more about the signs of alcohol dependence so that you can act quickly if you notice that a loved one is struggling. Let’s talk about a few of the more common signs and symptoms now.

One of the signs of alcohol dependence is a change in interests. A person may have once been interested in frequently spending time with loved ones and friends. But, as he or she becomes more dependent on alcohol, the individual may avoid loved ones. Or, the person may simply lose interest in being around others. This leads into one of the other signs of alcohol dependence.

Sometimes, people may become isolated and spend more time alone. They may drink alone or keep their drinking habits secret. Some people may not keep up with family duties or work-related responsibilities. They may become more and more withdrawn from their loved ones. And, some individuals may seem less socially involved as well.

Another sign that could indicate an alcohol problem is the use of alcohol as a coping mechanism. In other words, a person may drink in order to deal with stress. Or, people may drink if they feel anxious. They might feel unsure about how to address issues in their lives. So, they instead rely on the effects of alcohol to escape from the pain and struggles they’re facing.

Becoming Free From Alcohol Abuse

Those who suffer from alcohol misuse and dependence often feel alone. They sometimes feel afraid or uncomfortable about asking for help. Many individuals feel ashamed about their drinking habits and others struggle with feelings of guilt. These negative emotions can prevent people from getting the help that they need. People sometimes worry about the response they may get from their loved ones or friends if they admit that they have a substance problem. But, if you believe that someone you care about has an issue with alcohol use, it’s important to make sure that your loved one feels comfortable discussing the matter. Having your support will make the recovery process much easier for your loved one.

Alcohol dependence can cause a lot of issues for people and their families. But it is possible to overcome this substance abuse. At Diablo Valley Drug and Alcohol Services, we work to help our clients recover from substance dependence. Our detox and treatment processes are designed to assist people as they move towards a life of sobriety and freedom. If you have noticed any signs of alcohol dependence, you can help your loved one to find liberty and peace by contacting us here at Diablo Valley. Allow us to assist your family in winning the battle against drug and alcohol dependence.

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