Substance dependence is a very serious issue. When an individual is dealing with this problem, he or she often experiences a lot of difficult challenges. But, the people around these individuals also deal with countless difficulties. It can be extremely hard to understand what their loved one is going through. Sometimes, substance abuse causes families to tear apart. This can happen for several reasons. For one, people who are dependent on alcohol or drugs may begin to behave differently towards their loved ones, causing their families to feel hurt and abused. In many cases, substance dependence and abuse cause people to isolate themselves from their families and friends. Some individuals become depressed about their problem and may begin to emotionally withdraw from the people who care about them. Thankfully, treatment can help people overcome drug and alcohol use. And family group therapy can help provide healing for their loved ones.

The Benefits of Family Group Therapy

Family Group Therapy: Healing for the Whole Family

Therapy and counseling are extremely helpful for those who are recovering from a substance use problem. When a person begins treatment for drug or alcohol abuse, he or she first needs to go through a detox process. This process isn’t easy, but it helps individuals to break free from the physical use of drugs or alcohol. But, after the detox process, the person still needs to go through therapy or counseling. The purpose of meeting with a therapist is to learn the skills you need in order to remain free from substance abuse. Therapy, whether individual or group counseling, can help people to gain relapse prevention skills. Many people are uncertain about how to deal with things like stress or anxiety without having a substance to help them navigate through the problem at hand. But therapy can really help people to become more comfortable living life without drugs or alcohol.

But many people think that therapy is only helpful for the individual who is working to overcome a substance dependence. This isn’t the case, though. Although therapy is definitely helpful for those who are in recovery, it’s also important to realize that the families of these individuals have also felt the negative impact of substance abuse. They also need the opportunity to recover and receive healing. So, the families of individuals who have been suffering from alcohol or drug use can also get the help they need by attending therapy and counseling. Family group therapy gives families a place to find healing. It also helps them to gain a better understanding concerning their loved one’s journey. Family group therapy helps families recover from the effects of substance abuse, just as therapy helps individuals to recover from the use of drugs and alcohol. So, it’s important for families to attend therapy.

Getting Help at Diablo ValleyHere at Diablo Valley Drug and Alcohol

Services, we work to provide healing and recovery for those who have been impacted by substance use problems. Whether you have suffered from drug or alcohol abuse or you have a loved one who is suffering, we offer therapy for you. Our team is dedicated to helping you find peace on the road to recovery. If you have been dealing with a substance use problem, our medication-assisted treatment (MAT) program can help you overcome that issue. Then, our treatment and counseling programs can give individuals the skills they need in order to avoid relapse in their lives. Our family group therapy can provide families with the support and education they need in order to walk through recovery with their loved ones. For more information about our services and programs, please contact us today by calling 925-289-1430.

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