The first step in recovery from substance dependence is acceptance. Those who wish to overcome a drug or alcohol use problem must first recognize and accept the truth about their struggle. Once they do this, they can take the appropriate steps to find help for the issue. If you’ve realized that you have a substance abuse problem, you have already begun your road to recovery. Now, it’s time to get treatment so that you can overcome substance dependence for good.

But it isn’t helpful to find just any kind of treatment. It’s important to find the best kind of help for your individual needs. And you can find that right here at Diablo Valley Drug and Alcohol Services. Our drug and alcohol detox programs can help those who are dealing with dependence find freedom from these substances. As a result, our clients can begin to live a sober and fulfilling life.

Information About Drug and Alcohol Detox

Benefits of Drug and Alcohol Detox at Diablo ValleyAre you a little unsure about what drug and alcohol detox is all about? Many people find themselves wondering about this. When it comes to recovery from substance misuse, it’s important to understand what the road to recovery involves. What comes to mind when you hear about treatment for alcohol and drug abuse? For most people, the first image is a group meeting with individuals speaking about their struggles regarding alcoholism or drug misuse. Although group therapy is an important and extremely helpful part of treatment, there’s more to treatment than that. The treatment process begins with a period of detoxification. The drug and alcohol detox processes are what help people to prepare for those group (and individual) counseling sessions as well as everything else that comes with treatment.

As you begin your path to a new life, it’s important to first become free from the physical influence of alcohol or drugs. The detox process is what helps you to do that. As your body becomes cleansed from the substances on which it has become dependent, you can regain your focus. You can concentrate on getting better. And you can focus on the areas of your life that are addressed by the various types of therapy that are a part of your treatment program. Detox allows your body to overcome substance dependence so that your mind can then become independent. Ultimately, you can become entirely free from the chains of substance abuse and dependence!

Why You Should Detox With Our Help

Often, people avoid getting treatment because they do not want to live at a treatment facility while they get help for substance abuse. There are others who, although they would like to, simply can’t live away from home. Perhaps they have classes to attend, families to care for, or jobs to maintain. Here at Diablo Valley, we understand that many people find themselves in these predicaments. So, our outpatient detox programs allow our clients to detox from drugs and alcohol without having to live at our treatment facility.

There are other benefits to our drug and alcohol detox programs. Our intensive outpatient program (IOP) enables our clients to gain the tools they need in order to remain sober even after they’ve completed treatment. Those who turn to us for help can develop coping mechanisms, relapse prevention skills, and healthy relationships with others in recovery. Also, those who go through our recovery program can also benefit from our aftercare program. Recovery continues after treatment ends and we make sure our clients have the help they need in order to stay on course.

If you or someone you know needs help overcoming substance misuse, there’s no time like to present. Contact us here at Diablo Valley to find out more about our drug and alcohol detox services as well as our treatment programs!

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